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Thor Rixon’s Michele out on Get Physical Music

Thor Rixon’s Michele out on Get Physical Music

We sat down with Thor and asked him a few questions about his new album, Michele:

1. Michele, is inspired by your mom. Walk us through this process – the experiences you had during recording, your relationship with your mom etc…
-My mum and I are very tight. She pretty much brought my brother and I up on her own. She’s been pushing and guiding me into the life that I now live. She could see that I had this connection with music at an early age, so she made it possible for me to explore music and to find my place within it. I would always be set on my ideas and vision, but then my mum would come along and say “why don’t you do this rather” and at first I would disagree, but soon I would realise that she was right (as all mothers are).
My mom has always been a fan of dance music. We would listen to Fela Kuti, Deep Forest, The Police and countless dance music compilations on the long journeys to and from school every day.
Since I started writing and performing in a solo capacity my mom always wanted me to write music that would make people move. I disagreed in the beginning but the more and more I tried writing dance music the more I enjoyed it. It is now pretty much the only style of music I write and perform at the moment.
This album is for my mum; for all the guidance she has given me and an album that she can dance to.

2.  Our End music touches on polluted oceans and climate change and suggests our world is coming to an end. What strong beliefs, causes or global issues do you support that you incorporate into your music?
-I wanted to produce a visual for ‘Our End’ that amplified the message of the song, which is focussed around the subject of waste culture and our effects on the world. Rob, the director, and I scouted a few giant rubbish dumps on the outskirts of Cape Town and finally found Vissershok Landfill which is one of Cape Town’s biggest landfills. It felt like the end of the world just being there at that dumpsite. 
This theme runs throughout the album as it’s something I wanted to drive home from beginning to end. My thinking is that we won’t be able to fix many other issues in the world if there isn’t a world left. Scary times but I’m always hopeful that we can pull together and do this.
3.  How would you say this album differs stylistically from your earlier works?
-This project is definitely my most genre focused body of work. Before I even started writing this album I had the intention of creating a dance record. I would say this is my most focused work in a way. My previous work could be seen as more ambient with more varying genres within each album. I wanted to create a body of work that served to move the body and at the same time stimulate the mind, where as my previous work was more geared towards the heart and mind and not really focussing on the body.
4.  Can you tell us about your live show? 
 -I’ve been building and working on a new live show for the past few months which consists of basically all my gear; Elektron Octatrack, Roland TR-09, Roland SE-02, Novation Bass Station 2, Korg Minilogue & my Modular Synthesizer. It is a completely hardware based performance with no use of computer whatsoever, which is something I’ve wanted to do for years. 
I also have a band based performance where I am joined on stage by session musicians where we perform the more ‘song’ based music I write.
Finally, I have a live set where I have broken all my productions into their stems and loops and perform them on top of each other using Ableton and the Akai APC40 MK2.
5.  What are your plans for the future, with the album and your career?
-I will be touring in and around South Africa over the next few months, then I will be heading to Europe early next year with hopefully a tour around USA & Asia towards the end of 2019.
I just plan to keep working on the live shows and perfecting them while writing new work that will hopefully aid in making the world a better place for who ever come into contact with it.

Get the full album HERE

Watch the ‘Our End’ video HERE


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