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September Gig Guide

September Gig Guide

Here’s where to find our artists this coming month. Click on the event links to find out more!


30/08 MKLYAmbious Records presents Jeremy Olander, CT


31/08  Aero ManyeloElectric Circus, Truth, JHB

  Fka MashWorld Without End w/ Julian Gomes, AND Nightclub, JHB

Kususa & Argento DustDJ Merlon’s Definition of House Fest, Chapters
Lounge, Ladysmith

  Bruce LokoHouse & Friends, Carnival Court, CT

  Pierre JohnsonSoweto Deep House Festival, Soweto Towers, JHB

Chasing Space & ToochiStables, PTA


06/09 Rose BonicaChampagne Invites, Modular, CT

07/09 Fka Mash– 2nd Annual TRACE Fest Experience, Soweto

  Crazy White BoyHauwei Joburg Day, Crocodile Creek Polo Club, JHB

  Blank Mazimela (Live) & Paz Shina (Live)-  Love in the City, CT

Chasing Space & ToochiGaplife Event, Huula Beach Club, JHB


14/09 Fka Mash, Bruce Loko, Aero ManyeloIts Personal Picnic, Val Bonne
Country Estate, JHB

           Vicmari (Live)- Deep Town Jozi, JHB


20/09 KususaMonolink Tour, The Grand, CT

21/09 KususaMonolink Tour, Ground, JHB

23/09 Kususa– Monolink Tour, The Views at 25, DBN

27/09 Dean FuelReset Turns 2, Reset Club, CT


28/09 Fka MashThe Return, Lichtenburg Stadium, Transvaal

            Crazy White Boy, Kostakis, Argento Dust, Kususa & Aero Manyelo– Corona SunSets Festival, Shongweni Club, DBN


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