Research & Development – We will conduct a research document in order to correctly target and implement the strategy of the proposed PR campaign to the artist prior to the commencement date of the campaign.

Press Release Development & Creation – We will create and distribute the press release for all relevant artist needs based on the communication between the artist and ourselves in order to facilitate the target requirement of the artist.

Promo Services – Working internally and with key promo services and with weekly reporting, we will send your music to the most comprehensive list of top tier artists, helping your music to be heard by the electronic music industry elite and with the potential of your music getting played at the biggest events across the world.

Global features, Interviews and Reviews – We will engage with high level, international publications, radio stations and TV networks in order to help facilitate the introduction and creating of a relationship between the artist and the international partners, ensuring global coverage of all news and release developments undergone by the artist during the period of our agreement between ourselves and the artist.

Tour and Performance Coverage – In order to ensure the artist gets maximum coverage during his/her upcoming and scheduled performances, we will ensure the artist is featured on the most in-line publications with the maximum global effect, generating increased awareness of the artist’s performances.

Features, Editorials, Interviews & Premieres – Utilizing our ever-growing list of local and international publication networks and in order to help maximize on the development of the goals created by the artist and his/her team, we will distribute press releases and all other media as well as target specific publications for possible interviews, features, editorials and premieres of all of the artists current and upcoming work to a global list of international partners for efficient fan creation and retention.

Release Strategy – With each new release that the artist develops during our engagement, we will develop and help ensure the maximum effectiveness and timeous promotion of each release

Report & Post Campaign Analysis – Throughout the agreement between the artist and Jet Black Agency, we will create monthly PR reports, detailing the current and ongoing position of all news and media coverage of the artist.

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