02 Apr 2020by Jarrad Treger

JetBlack- Record Label Services

JetBlack- Record Label Services

JetBlack is excited to announce a new service assisting the establishment and growth of record labels and management strategy for existing labels. The service will cover the following areas:

Record Label Setup – We will help create and initialise the Record Label setup process, helping to guide and ease the process from initial startup to your very first release. 

Record Label Maintenance – As you progress from your first release, every step and additional insight will help increase your record label awareness and reach through various, key strategies that we will introduce to assist in getting your label heard by the right people. Release and store exclusive strategies, content management and data collection are all integral parts of developing and growing a record label that we’d be able to assist on as your record label continues to grow.

Aggregation & Distribution – We will help develop and establish a relationship between your record label and key industry distributors, in order to help get your music heard on all top tier sales and streaming platforms. We will be able to attain quarterly royalty reports and ensure that your music gets delivered to the distributor in a timeous manner, in order to help give your release a higher chance of getting a feature or playlist inclusion.

Design – With many years of experience working in the electronic music sphere across multiple genres, our team has honed their eyes on the current and emerging trends in release design strategy and are capable of guiding the design strategy and philosophy of your label.

Release Strategy –  Knowing when your release should go live, what stores to allow exclusive sales to and for how long, can help separate your release from the crowd. Other than the quality of the music, the release strategy will help develop the key turning points for your release weeks before it goes live, generating a day by day view of key targets and timelines to guide the process through to its initial promotion.

A&R Consultation – With many years of experience in the field of A&R for various record labels within the sphere of electronic music, our team will be able to guide you through the selection process of your EP or album, pinpointing the finest selection of your works for distribution and release. An objectionable analysis of a creative project is key in helping develop an unbiased, trained opinion on your project before a global launch, ensuring maximum effectiveness on release.

See below for an overview of our opening rates, and email info@jetblack.co.za for bookings and enquiries.

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