28 Apr 2020by Jarrad Treger

JetBlack Listening Sessions Ep. 1: Aero Manyelo – “Pretty”

JetBlack Listening Sessions Ep. 1: Aero Manyelo – “Pretty”

Presenting JETBLACK Listening Sessions, a new series discussing and critiquing music. On each episode of JETBLACK Listening Sessions, we invite a panel of music people to join us and listen, react and comment on unreleased music from producers/songwriters with their permission.

While bearing in mind music is an art and is entirely subjective, it takes a lot of courage for any artist to put their creation out to the world up for critique. This is for the purpose of both constructive review and entertainment. We welcome your respectful comments as feedback.

On episode 1, we discuss Aero Manyelo’s track “Pretty” with panelists Abby Nurock, Blanka Mazimela, Kostakis and moderator Jarrad Treger. You can stream the episode below:

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