13 May 2021by Jarrad Treger

Hyenah releases new EP titled ‘3rd Eye’ featuring Mr. V

Hyenah releases new EP titled ‘3rd Eye’ featuring Mr. V

For such a long time I wanted to work with Mister V. His output has been a major influence for me. Especially “Jus’ Dance” was a game changer. So I was very happy that the legend Mr. V himself joined in to collaborate on the 3rd Eye EP for our own imprint RISE MUSIC.

We started working on this piece about two years back, when the world was still quite different. DJT was still in charge (?!) in America and there was no pandemic around. Nevertheless Mr. V’s lyrics kept their magic, their timeless touch and somehow became even more relevant. 3rd Eye is about staying true to yourself, not getting overrun by the madness around you and about trying to make the world a better place. No matter if it is about resisting autocratic, bigot and racist tendencies in the government or crazy conspiracy theories. We all carry responsibilities for the greater good of all of us. We do share the view that a crisis always also provides opportunities: For change and for the better.

My original version carries this tension that we all felt in the last years. The energy culminates in a nervous arpeggio and a catchy acidish hook on top of a quite classic house beat. After pushing you forward with grooves the tune turns into a string ladden ray of light. The type of mood that we are all so desperately antcipating. Everyone who’s not so much into spoken words will be happy to hear my stripped down Raw Beat Version. It is quite a bit more groove focused, powerful and with an overall feel that I like to call African Techno.

On top of that I am very happy to have Amsterdam’s William Djoko in the house for two amazing remixes. He delivered exactly his type of groove-laden house and rugged, motor-city techno (sprinkled with his famed frisky footwork of course) that I was hoping for. He is flirting with playful, cut for the club and trippy, mischievous percussions. Pure power!

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