Bantwanas, meaning children, of Africa, is a collective of African producers, songwriters and musicians collaborating to showcase their music by bringing top-quality African house music to the world. Launching in early 2016 charter member Ryan Murgatroyd has been paving the way for new African sounds in European markets, opening the gateway creating a real African presence in the international Deep House and Techno scene. Ryan’s prodege, Blanka Mazimela has also played a large part in the creation and development of Bantwanas with his knowledge and background of African music and fine ear for instrumentation.

Bantwanas showcases raw African talent both locally and abroad, developing emerging talent, and pairing these artists with prolific and established producers that pioneer the African electronic sound.

Bantwanas is a way to share African culture and music to the world, opening a channel that gives a global voice inviting the audience to connect with African culture through our music, while manipulating authentic African instrumentation.

Bantwanas Unveils Their New Single “Mama” on Cercle Records

Bantwanas Unveils Their New Single “Mama” on Cercle Records

Bantwanas on All Day I Stream

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