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5 Questions with Blanka Mazimela

5 Questions with Blanka Mazimela

Where  and when did you start off DJ’ing or Producing?

“I started DJ’ing in the early 2000s and I was introduced to this by my eldest brother, and I was self-taught. My brother was a music collector and that’s how I got into music. Early 2000’s I started following DJs, understanding and trying to master the craft from cassettes to turntables and to obviously what we have now using USB sticks but my initial start was when my brother was just collecting music and I enjoyed the music he was collecting, that’s how we went on to start my career in DJ’ing. Gradually as my career progressed in DJ’ing the bug of wanting to make music then started and I was able to now produce, also self-taught, under the mentorship of Ryan Murgatroyd it was something that I ended up being good at and also just trying to complement my DJ’ing, winning DJ’ing competitions and just being a cool DJ, making some cool music”


What’s been your favourite project to work on and why?

“My favourite project that I’ve worked on has to be my releases on Get Physical Music. I’ve always wanted to release on Get Physical Music I mean, I’ve listened to and I’ve followed some of their releases and the artists that have released on there like Booka ShadeLoco Dice and so forth, so I’ve always been trying to get my music on there. Having a song like Gcwanini that was released on there did very well and the project was one of the most spiritual projects that I’ve ever released because it had a whole lot of connections to my ancestors, to my late grandfather and the vocalists were also in that space when we were recording and working on it and the outcome of it was really what we were trying to do, to have a deep spiritual connection in the music and then people really connected with it on that level, that’s why it will always be a very special project to me and the people that I’ve worked with on that project Bantwanas and Chorus.”


What can we expect from you in 2023? Anything planned?

“What we can expect in 2023 is a lot of music and I’ve been saying this for a while but I’ve been in studio and I’ve been trying to get music ready. Currently I’ve got a KUNYE EP that’s coming up, an EP on Mo Black, I’ve also got another EP in prep for another album. I’ve always thought I’ll do an album in 10 years or so but it came sooner. The inspiration, the pallet in the current space that I’m in means that I’m looking at doing an album project that will build on a lot of other things. I’ve got Bantwanas on the side where we’ve got an album coming out, the album is done and it’s for the market in 2023.”


What can we expect from you in the Summer season?

“What you can expect from me this summer is just a showcase, it’s a very big showcase of some of the projects I’ve worked on, and on some of the release projects I’ve worked on this year 2022 most of them are getting released or have been released. There are about 6/7 new songs that are coming from Blanka Mazimela.”


Where do you take inspiration for your music?

“My inspiration is very simple, I need to go home in order for me to get inspiration, so home is Dutywa in the Eastern Cape. Every single time I go, there are ideas that come its probably me connecting with my ancestors while I’m there and I’m very deep with my ancestry and my roots. Most of the time it goes in that fashion, where I go home and sit with my parents and go to the kraal, speak to my ancestors, go to the graveyard and speak to my grandparents and just ask for some creative guidance.”

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