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5 Questions with Abby Nurock

5 Questions with Abby Nurock

How did you start DJ’ing and how’d you get into vinyl initially?

I used to go jam at my friend’s house down the road from my school. He had a set of Technics turntables and he taught me the basics of mixing vinyl. I was brought up listening to jazz on vinyl and came from a family of musicians. I started collecting vinyl from as young as I can remember so there was no other option for me. I then did a course at the DJ mix club in 2002 and I haven’t looked back.


Would you say the South African scene lately is doing more to have more female DJs involved?

Yes, absolutely. I feel like female DJs are being given a lot more representation in a heavily male-dominated scene. Now we need to continue to pave the way and make space for the LGBTQ+ community. Male vs Female is a thing of the past and we transcend to a new level of “who” is in need of equal opportunity!


What would you say to aspiring female DJs out there?

Do NOT give up. You are never at the finish line, you just learn the ropes better as you go. I’m still hustling and will continue to do so. It is all worth it, even the failure.


Are you a turntablist for life and do you have any reservations about where the DJ’ing equipment is going moving forward?

I will be a turntablist for life… but there is so much incredible technology that there is scope for all of it. I love vinyl, it’s my passion, but I definitely don’t discredit the power of other music media.


What are you most excited about coming into the 2023 year?

I’m excited to be co-launching a vinyl distribution company with Bret Dugmore of Mr. Vinyl called SAMP (South African Music Press). We will not only be creating a platform for the import of international labels but also providing a means to promote our local talent via small-batch pressings and international distribution. I’m also keen to finally start producing and have the means to release it on vinyl! Double win! Stay tuned.

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