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Thor Rixon’s Build Again Out Today

Thor Rixon’s Build Again Out Today

One of Get Physical’s South African stars, Thor Rixon, is back with another of his intoxicating house singles, this time featuring Duduza Mchunu.

Thor Rixon experiments extensively with live and electronic sound production and always makes use of interesting acoustic instrumentation to capture unheard soundscapes. They have come on this label before now and always making him stand out as someone with a real ear for the usual. Here he works with Duduza Mchunu for another single that adds to his already impressive account with Get Physical.

The seductive ‘Build Again’ is a lush mid-tempo house groove with rubbery drums and cute finger clicks. The vocal is a super smooth, laidback and breezy one that adds real soul and heart to the track and ensures this one will get great reactions on the more sensitive dance floors out there.

Get the track HERE

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