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Thor Rixon-He Held Him Close

Thor Rixon-He Held Him Close

Get Physical continues their showcase of standout South African artists this Autumn, with the release of this EP
ahead of an album by the talented South African producer and label regular, Thor Rixon.
Rixon experiments extensively with live and electronic sound production and makes use of mesmeric acoustic
instrumentation to capture unheard soundscapes. On this latest album he works with Roxy Caroline, vocalist
and guitarist for Hyroine – a future/freak folk band from Cape Town, South Africa.

Together, Thor and Roxy create some real magic on their song ‘He Held Him Close’ – a majestic and melodic
track with dancing synths and undulating deep house drums. When they break, you will hear Caroline’s
celestial and spine tingling vocals come to the fore and then the track starts to build again. It’s a real hands-inthe-air
kind of cut with delicate guitar strings and live sounding drums that bring a real sense of class to the
dance floor.

Included is a remix from Stimming who has spent his life crafting meticulous grooves on labels such as
Diynamic, with fresh, innovating sound designs and a quirky sense of musical colour. His remix carefully filters
the vocals into a refracted, echoing shadow of the original as he layers in delicate percussion that adds
harmony to the groove. It’s a kaleidoscopic remix that is heavenly and brilliantly unusual.
This is a brilliantly magical track and another perfect pairing for Get Physical and Thor Rixon release.

Already getting love from the likes of Mano Le Tough, Richy Ahmed, Blond:ish, and Animal Trainer.

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