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Sun-EL Musician & Azana – UHURU Remixes

Sun-EL Musician & Azana – UHURU Remixes

Sun-EL Musician’s single, ‘UHURU’, which features the impressive vocals of Azana, has already garnered an incredible 2 million streams, achieved GOLD status in South Africa, was featured on NPR’s top 100 songs of 2020 for the song itself within a year of release whilst both Sun-EL Musician and vocalist, Azana have received ten SAMA nominations between them for their respective work within the Southern African musical landscape.

UHURU (meaning freedom) delivers a poignant message of liberation and equality across Africa, a musical representation of the freedom charter that remains a colossal contribution to the African zeitgeist, even though many miles are yet to be cover to reach that ultimate focus on human rights.

Enlisting the help of leading producers, UHURU has been re-envisioned by none other than nine chosen South African producers moving across the spectrum of African house music, helping progress the narrative to a wider audience whilst maintaining the essence of the originals story.

Award-winning producer Da Capo’s, ‘Afro Touch’ remix delves into the ever-evolving Afro-House Sound, with a dance-friendly percussive rhythm, addictive progressions, and a scintillating lead arpeggio that runs throughout the track and when accompanied by Azana’s haunting vocals, lead the way perfectly for the rest of the remixes to come. Upcoming artist, 104 BPM takes the original into a high energy perspective that utilizes revolving chords, an open acoustic landscape and fuses the vocals with his penchant for forward-thinking House Music that shows off his upbeat outlook. The release also features amazing work by industry stalwarts Mpho.Wav, Caiiro, Dlala Thukzin, Kenza, Frigid Armadillo, Karyendasoul, Nurogroove, and an extended mix by Sun-EL Musician himself that beautifully delivers the core of, ‘UHURU’, to the dance-floor and beyond, showcasing the epitome of talent and cohesive vision that can be found within the Southern African landscape.

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