02 Apr 2020by Jarrad Treger

JetBlack- Music Consultation Services

JetBlack- Music Consultation Services

JetBlack is now offering a new consultation service for artists looking to implement effective and long-lasting strategy to further their careers in the music industry. With the expertise of our MD Jarrad Treger, the service offers:

Assessing the artist’s unique creative and commercial opportunities within the SA music industry and globally During the initial consultation with Jarrad, all of your key goals within the music industry will be analyzed and discussed, identifying key points of growth, strengths and weaknesses, which will further help develop the strategy that will be undertaken throughout the consultations and be used as a base point of analysis for growth in the future.

Individualized Advice and Strategy – Once your initial goals and assessment consultation has been addressed, this will allow Jarrad and his team to put together an individualized advice and strategy plan that you can undertake in order to grow at the rate and capacity of your goals. Helping formulate a step by step processes and systems that will elevate your current career path and align them to your goals.

Devising of Implementation Plans In order to accelerate the completion and undertaking of goals, a system and strategy of execution for each goal needs to be put together and devised in an accessible way so that each artist has a simple procedure in order to complete each task that will eventually lead to a complete goal. Throughout the beginning phase of the consultations, Jarrad and his team will help direct your goals with a systematic approach to completion within the music industry with an implementation plan.

One on One Skype Consultations with Jarrad Treger As things progress along your path during the course of the consultation period, there will be several openings for one on one developmental conversations with Jarrad in order to maintain the current progress of your goal based timeline and implementation plan strategy. This will help constantly evaluate the strategy based on your strengths, weaknesses and capabilities moving forward, allowing you to focus on what matters most and the team to focus on how to get you to where you’d like to go.

Access to Direct Email Consultation with Jarrad Treger and his team-  Throughout the course of the consultations, Jarrad and his team will be available for email consultations, in order to provide a balanced outlook on where you feel things are and analyze your progress. Aiding and guiding where possible and shifting elements to better suit your needs as you go.

Valuable Feedback and Advice – With many years of industry experience, shaping and guiding top tier artists to get to their key positions, each consultation with Jarrad and his team is an opportunity to develop the key strategies that underpin a fast-rising career in the music industry and will allow you to maintain a leading position in your field.

Progress Review – As each system develops and each goal is achieved, progress reports are set up to maintain the standard level of execution of each strategy and to help reinforce any elements that might have been overlooked. Helping progress the achievement of goals and analyzing where possible strengths and weaknesses could be emphasized.

There are 3 consultation options on offer. See below for our opening rates for each package, and email info@jetblack.co.za for bookings and enquiries.


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