09 Mar 2020by Jarrad Treger

Floyd Lavine on Playing the Iconic Panorama Bar, Berlin

Floyd Lavine on Playing the Iconic Panorama Bar, Berlin

We recently caught up with Floyd Lavine following his closing set and debut at Berlin’s iconic Panorama Bar. Floyd played at Panorama as part of Berlin’s CTM Festival.


You recently played a show at Panorama Bar in Berlin. What was that experience like for you?


I really like Panorama Bar because because of how I can express myself. It was one of the pure clubs where you can really play what you want and build a musical journey without fear of losing the dancefloor; knowing that the audience is patient enough. So it’s one of my favourite dancefloors and it’s an honour to be given the opportunity to play on a platform like that.


Could you tell us more about CTM, the festival you played at?


CTM is an electronic music festival that focuses on all aspects of electronic music from live visual performances to DJing, bringing forward thinking to the festival. The festival is also tackling social issues and creating platforms for people to share their stories. The festival is growing and evolving.


How does Berlin embrace African artists? What would be your advice to those who are planning to pursue careers there?


I guess Berlin is not like most European cities , it’s a city that embraces new artists. It’s also a city of creativity, so electronic music strives in Berlin because of the culture. I can only speak from a personal point of view, as an African artist I have found Berlin exciting and challenging. I think when you are traveling to new places or move to a new city & environment, you need to know what you are doing it for. It’s important to be prepared when moving to a new city; definitely build a support network. This really helps to simulate.


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