26 Oct 2021by Jarrad Treger

Fka Mash is given honourable remix duties for Stimming

Fka Mash is given honourable remix duties for Stimming

Fka Mash was tasked with the honour of remixing one of Martin Stimming’s tracks. He chose to remix, “Pidgeons”, the only vocal tune from “Ludwig”.

“Never in a thousand years did I think that it would be possible to be given the honour of remixing a Martin Stimming song. It was a big task, considering how special Pidgeons is and I had the most fun with it. This is definitely one of the biggest milestones of my life. I’m truly grateful to Stimming for trusting me with this,” says FKA Mash. The producer took Stimming’s original trip-hop-infused track, transforming it into a sophisticated club tune that ushers listeners through a laid-back groove. Balbina’s stirring vocals, now less layered and more focused, are the final flourish to the elegant remix.

“I am so happy to have Fka Mash as a remixer for this beautiful track – South African deep house, especially from the underground, has always been very close to my heart,” notes Stimming of the track. This reinterpretation, leaning towards a somewhat dark Dab, develops a creative synergy with the original version.

“The song is about a celebration of beauty in normal, everyday life: just look around and you find something magic right before your eyes.” – Stimming 


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