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Hailing from South Africa, DESIREE has carved out a sterling reputation thanks to her infallible ability to expertly blend a myriad styles into her exhilarating DJ sets. A connoisseur, who is driven by a deep yearning to dig for electronica in its many forms, DESIREE channels her broad knowledge and passion into unforgettable performances. Her distinct sound has led to bookings at some of the world’s most influential clubs and festivals; DC-10, fabric, Hï Ibiza, Sonus, Lost Village, and many more.

Though she champions African inspired house, DESIREE is not limited to that style alone and prides herself on her eclectic tastes. As anyone who has experienced her in action will attest, she’s a nimble dancer with impeccable selecting skills. From deep house to techno, soulful cuts and that irresistible deep African vibration, it’s all in there. On the production tip, she unveiled her debut EP Femme Tech on Jackie Queens’ Bae Electronica in June 2022. This was followed by a remix of ‘Pussy Power’ by Keinemusik (feat. Nomi Ruiz).

DESIREE is an intersex woman, born with chromosomal patterns that are male. The term intersex represents a broad specturm of non-binary biological characteristics and DESIREE is using her success to speak proudly about the condition.

A rare and shimmering star, DESIREE is already laying down the foundations of an
extraordinary legacy…

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