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Aero Manyelo Remixes ‘Secret’

Aero Manyelo Remixes ‘Secret’

Aero Manyelo remixes Mâhfoud & Javier Orduna’s  ‘Secret’ that they released on Get Physical Music.

South African star Aero Manyelo steps up off the back of big support from the likes of Dixon. With a style influenced by his father’s love of jazz, as well as the sound and colour of his Johannesburg township, he is a regular on this label. His brilliant Mix of ‘Secret’ builds patiently with the vocals and guitars before upright drums skip along to get you on your toes. It is subtly epic and uplifting but retains the tender feel of the original as well as his own unique percussive edge.

The remix is getting huge support from artists such as Marco Carola, Animal Trainer, AME, Dee Montero and Acid Pauli.


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