22 Aug 2022by Jarrad Treger

Abby Nurock The Lab Johannesburg Set

Abby Nurock The Lab Johannesburg Set

With 20 years under her belt as a South African turntablist, Abby Nurock blessed The Lab Johannesburg with her #vinylonly set. Playing a range of Electronica and Melodic House & Techno,  she had the crowd anticipating her next track throughout.

Abby Nurock describes herself as a purist, devoting her life strictly to vinyl and shared her thoughts on the set saying, “It’s a weird life choice to want to voluntarily put oneself out there to be criticised and judged but the reward is so worth the gamble! Because when reality hits and I look up from my decks to see bodies dancing and people genuinely smiling at me, I want to burst into tears.

To my forever solid peeps who are always there to support me and boogie with me, there are no words for my love and appreciation!!”

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