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5 Questions With Cornelius

5 Questions With Cornelius

Ahead of a major release on Armada, we caught up with Cornelius to find out what we can expect. “Diamonds” will make Cornelius the fourth South African artist ever to release music on Armada after Goldfish, Goodluck, Protoculture & Kyle Watson.


1. You can have any 3 artists in the studio with you for an hour. Who are they?

So many name’s are coming to my head, but my top three would be Radiohead, Rüfüs Du Sol & Kölsch. I can’t get enough of these guy’s music, it’s very well produced and way ahead of it’s time.

2.You have an exciting release coming up on Armada. What can we expect; are you able to share details?

I feel so nervous about “Diamonds”, yet so excited about this huge step my music career has ever slapped me with. This is one project I poured all my heart and soul to, for me it’s been all about making music that takes the listener light years away. “Diamonds” is my new unearthly creation, very dark, synthetic, distorted bass and chord build-ups, with haunting vocals by “Freek” (Belgium). It adds up to my cutting edge electronic music signature I’m known for, probably one of the powerful records I’ve produced.
This will be my debut release on the mighty Armada Music, it’s coming out on March Friday the 13th.

3. Who are you listening to at the moment and why?

I always catch myself listening to Thorm Yorke every now and then, he’s a musical genius, I prefer listening to him after a heavy night at studio or after a gig just to calm my heavy head down.

4. It’s the end of the world. Everything is being destroyed. You have the power to save one record and send it off to space to be preserved for all time. Which one will it be?

Life is so much more better than Black & White, I’d send off to space “Michael Jackson – Black Or White.

5. Do you do anything outside of music that inspires the music you make, and if so, how does it do that?

Yeah, I watch a lot of horror movies, simply because I love the effort they put in to creating their movie scores. My recent music work is inspired by a lot of that, it has some huge cinematic build-ups, very dramatic melodic breaking points, with howling choir backrounds and heavy movie effects. I can’t wait to share it with you.

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